photo_greg“Brian is an extremely talented and dedicated guy that always does his very best. His passion and enthusiasm for his work is exceptional. He is a very talented video editor that I don’t have any hesitation recommending.”

Greg Zeschuk, Founder of BioWare

photo_leo“Brian wrote the book on making amazing video content for The Old Republic. If you have ever seen a video or screenshot of The Old Republic you have seen what Brian can do. The work speak for itself but I can tell you that Brian is very good at his job across the board.”

– Leo Olebe, Global Director, Facebook Games

photo_rob“Brian’s instincts for visual storytelling are phenomenal, and he always produces first-rate work. His general friendliness and his creative passion made him a pleasure to work with both on a one-to-one level and as part of a larger team. Though expectations for quality at BioWare are already very high, he often surpassed them, even when it meant a lot of extra work on his part. He took initiative to tackle creative and technical problems and he would often surprise me with truly innovative approaches to video recording and editing. He’s ready to take on greater challenges and greater responsibility. It was an honor working with him, and I would gladly do so again.” 

– Rob Chestney, Lead Narrative Designer, Daybreak Games;  Producer CNN

photo_daniel“Brian is a creative wonder who can do amazing things with limited resources and always turns out great visual work with passion and excitement.” 

– Daniel Erickson, Studio Director for Fogbank Entertainment

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